Plan Your Year with the Menlo School Calendar


The Menlo school calendar is an important resource for Menlo School students. This link has the most important information about the school’s events, holidays, and important dates. The calendar also has helpful information about the campus, like the location of the dining halls, library, and student resource centre.

How to Use the School Calendar

There are a few ways to use the Menlo School calendar. Here are the three easy steps. First, if you’re looking at the calendar from the website, the most recent and upcoming events have the most colour, and the dates are coloured in. Second, if you’re using the app, you’ll see an option called Today. That is where you’ll find the events for today, and you can use the slider to see the events for the next 3 days. Finally, you can select the month you want to see events for, and then you can use the three dots to see even more dates and events. You can let us know any questions you have about the calendar!

Menlo school calendar

Academic Dates to Know in Menlo School Calendar

When is registration open or closed? When are parent-teacher conferences or open houses? When do Midterms/ Final Exams Begin/ End? When is the prom, winter formal, or graduation date? These are the types of questions that should be answered on a calendar. It is a helpful guide, especially if you are a new student or a transfer student! It’s a good way to remember when important events are taking place.

As you are studying in school, you need to keep students and faculty updated and keep yourself informed about events and activities going to be held. While you can help from the Menlo school calendar, it’s always easy to keep track of things with the help of this calendar and make sure no important things are missed out. This is why this calendar is important to use which can help you know your important academic dates.

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