Wed: Always a Buckin’ Good Time

Bull Riding

Come out to Roosters Country Wed nights where it’s always a buckin’ good time. Ride our Mechanical Bull for FREE and order a basket of our legendary 5¢ wings.

Wednesday Drink Specials:

• Bottles of Pilsner $3.50
• Bottles of Bud $3.50
• Porn Stars $3.50
• XXX Paralyzers $7.00
• Double Long Islands $7.00
• Double Cherry Lemonade $7.00
• Double Jack Crush $7.00
• Squirmy Wormy Martini $7.25

Thurs: Lit at 11

Lit at 11

Every Thursday at Roosters is Lit!

We’re playing House, Trap, and Dubstep, starting at 11pm.

Do you want to play your own music?

If you’re a DJ that wants to play your own lit set, email us and we’ll hook you up.

Thursday Drink Specials:

• Highballs $3.50
• Sol Beer $3.50
• Jäger Bombs $6.25


Fri: Student ID, get in FREE

Flip Cup Fridays

Flip Cup Fridays: Bring your team out Roosters Friday Nights where you and your team can win prizes!

Are you a student? Present valid student ID at the door and get in FREE!

LAST WEEK’S PRIZE: Two $50 gift certificates!

What the deuce is a flip cup tournament?


1) get in a team of 4 PEOPLE
2) we fill a disposable red cup with …. liquid.
3) you drink your cup
4) place your cup on the edge of the table upside down
5) flick it to flip it
6) if the cup lands face down, the next member of your team restarts at step 1


Friday Drink Specials:

• Bottles of MGD $3.49
• Sol Beer $4.00
• Burt Reynolds $4.00
• Jager $4.00
• Rickards Red Solo Cups: $4.00
• Jäger Bombs $5.50
• Double Long Islands $7.00
• Double Cherry Lemonade $7.00
• Double Jack Crush $7.00
• Squirmy Wormy Martini $7.25

Sat: Big Bacardi Saturdays

Big Bacardi Saturdays

Saturday night at Roosters is BIG!

Come out for some drinks, some food from our Chuckwagon Grill, and live it up on B.C.’s largest dance floor!

Cover’s only $8, 2-for-1 before 9pm, and FREE before 8pm!

Saturday Drink Specials:

• Bacardi Cherry Bomb $6.25
• Double Long Island Iced Tea $7.00
• Pilsner $4.25
• Double Cherry Lemonade $7.00
• Squirmy Wormy Martini $7.25
• Double Jack Crush $7.00