How to Choose Hardwood Floors in Bloomingdale, IL


Few flooring materials match hardwood as a flooring material, and hardwood almost always adds value to any home. It’s also well known among industry professionals that hardwood floors are somewhat high-maintenance and aren’t the best choice for wet areas. While some flooring manufacturers claim their factory finishes make their products water-resistant, it’s important to note that they are never referred to as waterproof. Hardwood is easily discolored by water, and the fibers swell, causing the entire flooring surface to buckle. In Bloomingdale, IL, hardwood floors warn against installing hardwood in rooms where moisture is likely to accumulate. Even installation against concrete slabs is questionable since humidity can penetrate the concrete.

How to choose them?

One will probably determine which hardwood to use for their project based on the current market trends, material availability, budget, and how it will fit into your overall project plan. When one remodels a rental property, wood floors will usually last much longer than carpet, making it a worthwhile investment. Wood floors can be suitable for pet-friendly rentals. When choosing a floor, look for a high Janka rating (hardness or durability rating), as this can help minimize scratches caused by tenants moving furniture in and out. As a result, one should also look for water-resistant types. The fact remains that accidents will happen, no matter how well-behaved their tenants are, and that is why one should invest in durable, long-lasting flooring. For the type of rehab described here, engineered bamboo floors are a suitable choice.

hardwood floors in Bloomingdale, IL


As with any improvement to an investment property, market standards should be considered in choosing the quality and materials of hardwood floors in Bloomingdale, IL. If most neighborhood residents have carpets, newer but lower-quality materials like vinyl flooring may still be an excellent choice if they’re in a lower-income area. The parent’s house would likely be on the bottom of the list if it were in an upscale neighborhood with poor-quality flooring.

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