Ways to avoid tobacco craving


Many people, when they are quitting tobacco, the tobacco craving can be too intense. Some of them might have to face many side effects like headaches, irritation, anxiety, and many more. But remember one thing that you have determined to quit smoking, then the craving can never be able to overpower you. You will be facing some issues, but the day, when you completely overcome the carvings, you will be the happiest person. Always try to distract your mind from such thoughts and cravings. Many companies sell tobacco free products you can also try them. One among them is mint pouches tobacco free. Below are some of the ways which you can follow to resist cravings.

  • Try some therapy: You can reach out to your doctors and ask for the prescription of nicotine replacement therapies. The items included in these therapies are nicotine gums, nicotine nasal spray or inhaler, and lozenges. These products can help you to overcome the carvings of tobacco. These therapies are safe and give long-acting nicotine. Another thing which is getting more popular these days is the electrical cigarettes but still, some more research has to be completed, before it is declared to be safer for a longer period. Mint tobacco free pouches also stop the craving for more time.
  • Avoid triggers: The craving for tobacco will be more when you are in a situation where you used to smoke much. Places like bars, restaurants, while having coffee or parting with friends and while feeling stressed out. It is important to find out your trigger points. So that you can plan some strategies to avoid smoking at that hour. For example, if you have a habit of smoking while talking on phones. Then make sure that you have something in your hand like a pen so that you can doodle with that instead of having a smoke.

  • Delay: It is another way where you can stop yourself by smoking. In this case, you need to delay by telling yourself that you should wait for some more time. And meanwhile, the go-to place where you can come out of that craving such going between the crowds.
  • Chew on it: Try chewing something when you have tobacco craving like sugarless gums, nuts, and carrots anything crunchy and you like. It is better if that is healthy food so that you will be benefited out of it.
  • Do physical activities: Physical activity can distract you faster than any other thing. If you are out, then you can try climbing stairs or run. If you are at home, then you can try some household works or exercise which makes you relax.


Hope this information will help you to avoid smoking. Remember each step will get you closer to the day when you will completely come out of it.

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