Read This To Avoid Getting ‘High’ On Weed Gummies


Yes, this article will be the one to open up about weed that people around you might have refused. Or, they are also similarly curious to get a gist about weed, specifically marijuana, which is, frankly, consumed as a celebration by the youth today.

Or is it only for them to “get wasted”? Let’s dive in.

The term ‘weed’ is derived from another word, ‘locoweed,’ meaning a plant species that grows in Mexico. By eating these, shepherds said, cattle and horses would go high.

No, they said, these animals behaved strangely. So, locoweed is called ‘weed’ in short.

Weed and marijuana are the same, having a scientific name called ‘cannabis.’

Cannabis is a drug from the flower of this plant and has a high concentration of chemicals that affect the brain.

But what is the core element that leads to all the effects you have heard of?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the core component that contributes to the potential of marijuana to make people ‘high’.

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How are these drugs consumed?

weed gummies is, basically consumed in three ways:

  • Smoking – where the flower remains are rolled in joints and made into cigarettes. ‘Pots’ and joints are quite common when it comes to smoking.
  • Vaporizing – To avoid the smoke, in this technique, the THC is extracted for collecting and storing it & consumed in its vapor form.
  • Food – The trendy drink that has helped many people get wasted’ on the festival of Holi is Bhaang. Bhaang is the term for weed in Hindi. It is mixed in drinks or any edible to consume the drug.
  • The uses of these drugs can be traced back to the Vedic Period when these were used for ‘spiritual’ purposes. One can also recall Lord Shiva, “the destroyer” in Indian mythology, resonated with consuming marijuana. This is how weed is associated with its spiritual use.

Another use has been described in the effects of the drug, i.e., recreational.

These drugs recreate another imaginary world or a different reality in the user’s mind.

It increases the sexual drive, appetite, and heart rate of the person consuming it.

  • Last but ALWAYS, the primary use is for medical purposes. It has uses in chemotherapy, curing HIV-AIDS, arthritis, and glaucoma. However, its uses here are very low and not supported by solid evidence.

In conclusion, just like everything, even THC gummies has its pros and cons. However, the pros are not strongly supported by science every time; consuming these drugs is a mature decision and responsibility that laws must consider. One wouldn’t prefer ending up in jail for experiencing a temporary euphoria.

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