Factors to Look into When Buying Smartphone


Buying a smartphone online can be tough and simple both. There is a wide choice and options are incredible and sometimes confusing. The primary advantage of purchasing a smartphone online is you get a wide range of models and brands and you aren’t limited as you will be in the offline store that stocks only few models and brands. But, there are some important factors that you need to pay attention to when buying a new smartphone.

Build quality

Build plays an important role when choosing the smartphone. The whole handset market is divided in 2 kinds of builds – plastic and metal.

Affordable Price Range

There’re some having glass-coated panels, though not much. Suppose you often drop your smartphone, it is advisable you choose a plastic or metal built handset.

At a first look, design of realme 3 pro seems similar to its earlier launched Realme 3. But, there are some minor changes. The Realme 3 Pro phone features the sandwich design. This phone has arc-shaped effect of 3D pattern at its back and vibrant colour scheme that appears just amazing.

It is currently an only phone that is available in a very good price range that has current Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. This phone comes in two variants – 4 GB RAM & 64GB storage and 6GB RAM & 128GB internal storage that is what you will find in the online store. ColorOS 6 is totally based on the Android 9 Pie that runs very smoothly and gives you a lot of gestures and shortcuts.

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