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Online shipping services are quite popular nowadays. It helps people to save their time and money and make their order from home. There are many shipping services available online for you to use. These services have many benefits. You do not need to go to the stores and malls to buy the stuff; you can make the order online through your electronic devices.

There are dozens of web, android, or IOS applications that provide these services, and you can also track your orders online. These services are open 24 hours and have helped the customers to get their orders on time. They have quite fast and safe ongkir services.

The shipping rates depend upon the orders and distance. The rates of these shipping services may get quite high. It is one of the cons of shipping services. It may make the order more expensive than buying it from the store.


Ways To Handle Shipping Rates

There are many ways you can try to prevent the shipping rates as follows:

  • Try to buy the products from the stores or sites that give you free shipping. There are many sites available that give free shipping on all products or selective products. For example, if you buy products at a price above a particular cost, you will get free shipping services.
  • Try the flat rate shipping i.e., getting the same rate for all the orders. It is one of the best deals you can have on shipping and delivery.
  • There is price-based shipping in which the rate depends upon the total price of orders you have bought.
  • You can also buy weight-based shipping services to get the orders delivered to your home.

Even some rate calculator can help the stores calculate their shipping rates easily and faster.

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