Selling and buying used cars: scams and the most common risks


The sale of used cars is experiencing a period of great expansion in Italy. It is desirable that negotiation and sale are followed by a third party such as a dealer or a brokerage agency. However, transactions often take place directly between individuals, involving some considerable risks. In fact, there are numerous scams that you can run into, both for those who want to sell their car and for those who want to buy one. Here we tell you about the most common scams and how to defend yourself used cars in san diego.

The most common scams for those trying to sell a car

You have decided to put your car up for sale. You went to the mechanic to make sure it is in perfect condition, so as to establish a sale price in line with market indications. You have taken steps to make it beautiful, clean, captivating, you have taken the necessary photographs, written all the information concerning it and published your ad on the sector portals. Now you are ready to evaluate the offers of possible buyers, but you need to pay attention to the many scams you could run into.

Here we have collected the most common scams ever .

Money laundry

There are many people all over the world who need to launder dirty money, which therefore comes from illicit and illegal activities, or from activities that have not been declared for tax purposes. Often these people decide to launder their dirty money by buying and selling used cars. How? Here is the process they usually follow. The buyer, usually from abroad, seems to be in a great hurry to close the deal. He doesn’t even want to see the car and is even willing to pay a little more than the proposed price. At the end of the negotiation, the scammer makes a transfer to the seller, however much higher than what was agreed. The buyer states that it was a mere oversight and asks the seller to return the excess amount by wire transfer or, better yet,

If you accept, you will be able to sell your car at the agreed price, it is true, but at the same time you will become an accomplice in a process of mafia association with all the consequences of the case.

Buyers from the Ivory Coast

You may be contacted by a buyer based in the Ivory Coast, or from another African country. Usually these are buyers who say they need to buy a car before coming to live in Italy. They are in a hurry and do not need to view the car. They want to close the deal as soon as possible, but they say that some local paperwork needs to be done. They will tell you that within a couple of days you will be contacted by an institutional authority of the Ivory Coast.

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