How to Sell a Car and Get the Most Money For Your Used Car


If you are like most people, you probably bought your first car in the 1970s. When you did, you likely had to decide between two basic options: a cheaper, less powerful car, or a higher priced, more powerful car. These choices reflect the relative bargaining power of buyers and sellers back in the day, used cars in sacramento and they still hold true today. If you want to avoid the “car buyer” market, and get the best price for your car, the following rules will help.

Rule 1 – Choose a higher-priced car

Yes, this may involve paying a higher price, and it does not mean you should pay more for a car that you do not actually need. Don’t assume that your car is of little value. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says that the value of the average car on average goes up by $3,000 per year.

How do you decide which car is higher-priced? For the car you currently own, go to your dealership and find the value. If your car’s value is more than $12,000, you could choose to wait a few years and then sell it when the value is lower. You may need to narrow the focus of your search to a specific make or model.

The final price for your car may be lower than you expect. If you want to avoid wasting your time with unproductive negotiations, your best bet is to find out the price the dealership is willing to pay for your car. Only then, can you realistically gauge what you should be able to get.

Rule 2 – Choose a car for which you can get a good price

Purchasing a car that you can afford can be very expensive, so rather than searching for a deal, look for a car you can sell easily. Selling a car you want to buy is even more expensive because used cars in sacramento you will need to pay the auction fee. The fee will have to be subtracted from the amount you get for your car, and that subtraction will be greater if you are in a tight market for your car.

Rule 3 – Leave plenty of time to sell your car

Most people who sell a car pay sales tax on it. To avoid those taxes, leave a week or two to prepare to sell your car. This will give you time to park it in a garage, get the title, inspect it and prepare documents for selling it. Keeping your car stored in a garage also protects it from theft and weather.

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