Best 90’s Theme Movies Ever Made


Enjoy the entertainment of old movies on Aha Tv

Most entertainment forms have endured for hundreds of years, changing in response to changes in culture, technology, and fashion, such as stage magic. Films and video games, for example, continue to tell stories, present drama, and play music despite using newer media. Festivals dedicated to music, film, or dance provide entertainment for audiences over several days.

To calm our minds, we need entertainment in between. That is what entertainment and a good night’s sleep are about. It encourages us to maintain our sanity and continue doing whatever we’re doing. A film is a form of artistic expression. As people and as a species, we watch movies better to understand ourselves, our struggles, and our experiences. Film and television allow us to investigate a wide range of philosophical issues in an easily digestible format with a low entry barrier and a two-hour or less average time commitment. A good film is often relatable.

We also need films to dispel any self-doubt we may have. You can watch all the latest Telugu movies on Aha app. 

Know about the story of the famous color photo Telugu movie 

The film plot is based in the late 1990s, when people casually stereotype based on skin color, believing that fair-skinned women are too demanding for dark-skinned men. What’s more amusing is that a few people in the film think things will improve by 2020. Kannada is a dedicated student with huge ambitions. He has feelings for Deepti, a classmate, but fails to express them to her. His character’s innocence is well preserved, and the humor is top-notch. Kannada has a sidekick named BalaYesu (HarshaChemudu), the true star of the film. BalaYesu’s character is so pure that he looks cute even when he swears at people.

In the story, Colour photo Suhas (Kannayya) and ChandiniChowdary are two engineering students from a small town in Andhra Pradesh who fall in love. Rama Raju (Sunil), Deepti’s brother, is a ruthless cop who insists that skin color matters a lot, at least for someone who wants to marry his niece. The racist brother does everything he can to keep the lovebirds apart, but what is the result of his efforts? Can Kannayya’s love triumph over his skin color? For more details and to know the story, you must watch colour photo movie online on Aha TV. 


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Effective benefits of a boosting service for gamers


Video games have progressed significantly over time. Unlike the conventional method of playing in small groups locally, a player can now play several games and compete with players from all over the world. It is no secret that playing video games can be difficult, and being a professional player can take several years. But, no matter how far video games have progressed, one fact remains constant: time. How easily you grind games and level up is determined by time. Here’s where a Valorant boosting service will help. Boosting services will assist you in leveling up in your game without difficulty.

Boosting services is a network of skilled and trained players who take your account and work with you to improve your gaming level. Boosting services will help you improve your gameplay, whether you’d like to improve your game ranking or just level up. You simply pay for this service, and these professional gamers can gain safe access to your account and play on the platform of your choice until your account achieves the desired rank and level. You can purchase boosting services to improve your gameplay.

Benefits of boosting service:

Saving time

Valorant boost

It will be quite frustrating when you spend more time building your character. Furthermore, even the most devoted gamer can require a break from time to time. Players can save a lot of time by taking a break while using boosting services. While the boosting services continue to develop your character, you can generally rest or concentrate on other things. Boosting services allow you to improve your game without having to spend time in front of the screen.

Helps players to unlock skills and moves

When you play several games, your character must level up to progress. Since you must go on quests and complete tasks, unlocking new moves and weapons normally takes a long time. Boosting services will help you gain access to the skills and weapons when you need to survive the game.

Help gamers to finish the level

Boosting services help players not only build up their profiles but also train them to become better players. When you play with boosters, you learn a few tricks and strategies that can help you improve your gaming abilities.

Account will be safe

Your account will still be secure if you want to use Valorant boosting services. They will play without revealing your account to hackers because they are skilled gamers. These professional players will use incognito mode to access your account, so no one will know who is playing in your account and will help you level up without any problem.

Factors to Look into When Buying Smartphone


Buying a smartphone online can be tough and simple both. There is a wide choice and options are incredible and sometimes confusing. The primary advantage of purchasing a smartphone online is you get a wide range of models and brands and you aren’t limited as you will be in the offline store that stocks only few models and brands. But, there are some important factors that you need to pay attention to when buying a new smartphone.

Build quality

Build plays an important role when choosing the smartphone. The whole handset market is divided in 2 kinds of builds – plastic and metal.

Affordable Price Range

There’re some having glass-coated panels, though not much. Suppose you often drop your smartphone, it is advisable you choose a plastic or metal built handset.

At a first look, design of realme 3 pro seems similar to its earlier launched Realme 3. But, there are some minor changes. The Realme 3 Pro phone features the sandwich design. This phone has arc-shaped effect of 3D pattern at its back and vibrant colour scheme that appears just amazing.

It is currently an only phone that is available in a very good price range that has current Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. This phone comes in two variants – 4 GB RAM & 64GB storage and 6GB RAM & 128GB internal storage that is what you will find in the online store. ColorOS 6 is totally based on the Android 9 Pie that runs very smoothly and gives you a lot of gestures and shortcuts.

Things About The shipping Rates Online


Online shipping services are quite popular nowadays. It helps people to save their time and money and make their order from home. There are many shipping services available online for you to use. These services have many benefits. You do not need to go to the stores and malls to buy the stuff; you can make the order online through your electronic devices.

There are dozens of web, android, or IOS applications that provide these services, and you can also track your orders online. These services are open 24 hours and have helped the customers to get their orders on time. They have quite fast and safe ongkir services.

The shipping rates depend upon the orders and distance. The rates of these shipping services may get quite high. It is one of the cons of shipping services. It may make the order more expensive than buying it from the store.


Ways To Handle Shipping Rates

There are many ways you can try to prevent the shipping rates as follows:

  • Try to buy the products from the stores or sites that give you free shipping. There are many sites available that give free shipping on all products or selective products. For example, if you buy products at a price above a particular cost, you will get free shipping services.
  • Try the flat rate shipping i.e., getting the same rate for all the orders. It is one of the best deals you can have on shipping and delivery.
  • There is price-based shipping in which the rate depends upon the total price of orders you have bought.
  • You can also buy weight-based shipping services to get the orders delivered to your home.

Even some rate calculator can help the stores calculate their shipping rates easily and faster.

Benefits of Using Effective Tools for Small Tasks


Versatile tools for doing prying work are available in the market at affordable rates and superior quality. The best tool known for its extra strength and durability for a long time is the mini titanium pry bar. They design these with a flat base which makes them more convenient to use. Users can use it for various ranges from scraping to prying with distinct effort. They make it of forged steel with wear-resistant features.

They design these tools wider to make them useful, with no difficulties. The feature of being sturdy has made it to use broad among many customers. It is available in beautiful colors and designs to meet the requirement of users with a distinct taste. Make use of flat ones which to remove unwanted objects that got to stick to wooden crafts. Time to complete the work will be very low and so it is much suitable for doing tiny tasks comfortably. Use the product with high leverage that helps in increasing the performance.

Tips of the devices will be sharp to make to slide easily into the cracks. You can buy the mini titanium pry bar which has nails embedded in the slot part. Choose the ones with extra strength, which helps in using it in any direction based on a specific need. The enamel finish of these products is stable and provides higher protection to the customers using it for pulling the nails. It can also resist the problem of rust and heat with no issues. The flexibility of the device is good enough to carry out arduous tasks easily.

How to maintain mini-fridges with some tips


Mini fridges are knowingly popular nowadays. Its appearance is extraordinary where you can see it working for long years if you maintain it perfectly. Proper cleaning is advisable when comes to mini-fridges like glass mini fridge exclusively. These are highly recommended to use when you choose modernity as a basic reason. Of course, traditional fridges do come up with modern features but these mini-fridges come with classy and extreme in looks and appearance.

Let’s continue with some tips to follow for proper mini-fridges maintenance:

  • Never try to place this mini fridge like a glass mini fridge in a horizontal position which might impact badly on its inside parts. Try to tilt the fridge by lying it on the backside position only and don’t try to tilt it for longer periods too.
  • Never and ever place this mini fridge directly exposed to the sunlight that makes the impact of heat on the fridge as well. So, take care of it here.

  • Try to put this type of fridge switch on based on proper setting adjustments and especially it is based on your necessity only and preferably put it under medium setting only.
  • Moreover, check on the items on this type of fridge regularly. If you find any damaged or spoiled food on this fridge, remove them immediately as soon as possible.


So, try to maintain and clean the mini-fridge safely by switching off the fridge and then clean it with a smooth cloth. Once the surface inside the fridge after cleaning, dry it off and then switch on the fridge for placing the items evenly. Hope the above information is enough for perfect maintenance of these mini-fridges.

Why You Must Always Use the Spinning Shoes for Cycling?


Indoor cycling may appear to be a normal thing, but, when you are looking for the right exercise time with your indoor bikes, you have to think of buying the spinning shoes. There are some reasons why you must look for the best indoor cycling shoes.

Mesh of your shoe allows passage of air to your leg. And this ventilating effect will leave the leg cool through the exercise session. Use of these spinning shoes improves the cycling efficiency.

  • Ensures safety of the feet on pedals.
  • Spinning shoes provide stiffer soles that will be firm and hard on pedals.
  • Use of the shoes makes your feet to be in position when cycling.
  • The shoes are amazing that there’s nothing to worry of lacing.
  • Despite the firmness, spinning shoe is well known for the light weight.

Different Kinds of the Cycling Shoes & Comparison

There’re different kinds of cycling shoes, and they are all used for the indoor cycling. The shoes are; mountain shoes, road shoes, and multipurpose sports shoe. Any type you select depends upon the sense of fashion, conditions of gym as well as other preferences that are peculiar to you. Despite the difference in different cycling indoor shoes, they have got two things common; stiff sole & SPD cleat pattern. There’re two kinds of the cleat patterns; 3 holes’ cleat and 2 holes’ cleat. Majority of indoor cycling bike that you will find have the 2 holes’ pattern. The cleats will fit in your shoe’s sole, thus helping your shoe to properly key on a pedal of your indoor bike.

Indoor cycling & mountain bike shoes generally feature recesses in sole that serves the primary purpose of cleat flushing with this sole. Without recesses, it will be tough to walk with the shoe types. The shoes with recessed sole, have 2 whole’s pattern system, and the system is fit for any gym classes that you may visit. For road shoes, they will accommodate 2 two hole’s or 3 hole’s system. Majority of the costly road shoes have got 3 hole’s pattern.

The Best Kids Friendly Animated Films


The best kids friendly animated films are often watched by the audience. The present generation likes animation movies better than before now. A lot of animation movies are screened online for the audience who loves watching from home. The kids of India love animation movies having better stories and more. The growth of the animation industry in India is surprising, and the market is very high. The Telugu producers are keen on screening these films to earn money. The present situation in the world is making entire producers screen films online, especially animation movies like Chhotabheem and Mighty Raju. You can watch cartoon movies on aha streaming. Kids’ movies are given massive attraction by all customers.

The growth and development of the animation industry in India are phenomenal. The success of the animation Industry is purely attributed to the taste and interest of the viewers. The cartoon films are watched by all people irrespective of age and sex. Even adults spend time watching these cartoon movies online. The parents do not need any restrictions to apply while kids watch those films online. The cartoon movies do not need any parental guidance while kids watch it. The great expectations of the kids are satisfied with these animated films. The story of the cartoon films is encouraging and motivating the young audience.

The Indian animation movies in ott platforms are well received by the audience in a high command way. The growth of Ott platforms is surprising and massive nowadays. These platforms telecast online films every now and then to cope with the expectations of the customers. There are many Ott platforms that have developed nowadays by many big companies. Many big corporate companies have entered into the animation industry considering its future and the response received by the viewers. The viewers love cartoon movies for their exclusive quality and topmost interesting story. The main success of animation movies is that those movies are dubbed into the local language. The Telugu language cartoon movies have been receiving a warm response and reception of the audience.

In the Telugu industry, in general, films are given good importance for its story and action genres in olden days. Nowadays, the audience gives importance to adventurous stories, action series, sentimental films, and horror movies. The yesteryear Telugu movies are again screened online for the audience who love. Nowadays, the audience response is high for both new and old Telugu films screened online. The overall satisfaction of the viewers is massive after watching cartoon movies. The best animation movies like ChhotaBheem and Mighty Raju are liked by the kids

Kids never hesitate to watch these cartoon movies online on any platform. The Ott platforms are making huge profits by screening movies that are interesting. The animation industry is gaining momentum due to online technologies. The cartoon films are attracting a majority of the audience online and are earning revenue from its distributors. The audience is ready to spend time and money online for watching these kids movies online. The kids do take a lot of interest in spending time with their friends while these online films are screened by famous Ott’s platforms.

Reasons Of Downloading TikTok


TikTok is one latest social media network where anybody has a video shot of their 60 seconds fame. TikTok that is the highly downloaded application on Android and iOS, allows the people to make videos as well as post them on an app. This app has advanced editing software in the simple interface, thus it is possible to shot everything from the simple movie dialogue and lip sync videos and clips that will make you say wow with the help of TTSaver downloader. One question that many people ask today is how you can download the TikTok videos without any watermark. TikTok allows you download the videos but they have the large watermark, which keeps moving over that will be very annoying.

Points to look at

There are some reasons to download the TikTok videos. The videos are funny, cringe-worthy; however, watching all these videos is addictive. Most of the times we have seen many interesting videos one by one over TikTok however it took a very long time to actually find them again as search feature in TikTok is not that cool. Quite sometimes people do not have any stable Internet access, thus it makes a little sense to download the TikTok videos & save it on your mobile phone.

Before knowing how to download the TikTok videos, you must note that to download TikTok video, respective account must be public and must have enabled their setting that will allow others to download the videos.

Reasons Of Downloading TikTok

Downloading the TikTok videos

The method allows you to download the TikTok videos on your Android and iPhone. For doing that, you must follow the given steps:

  • Open TikTok app on your mobile phone and choose the video that you want to download.
  • Hit on share icon & select Save video.
  • This can automatically save your video on phone’s local storage.

Downloading videos in this way can leave a large watermark on it.

Downloading TikTok videos with no watermark

TikTok watermark is one huge annoyance at times because this hides various parts of a frame. Whenever you wish to watch the videos on the phone, that watermark becomes annoying very fast. There’re the ways you can download the TikTok videos without any watermark, however, remember if you are using such methods, credit your original creators of video if you are sharing the videos anywhere. There’re many websites that allow you to download the TikTok videos with no watermark.

Time to look into the details of used car


It is very hard to live today without a car as it has been added to the essential list by humans. So if you are really interested in getting the crowd on your side then you need to own a car. But owning a car does not only mean that you can trace to any point without depending on others but it also means that you need to maintain the charges that the car will cause you. Even though there are charges associated with the cars people tend to own them more and this could explain the necessity of the car today. But it is good to buy a used car instead of new one because there is no need to worry about the funds arrangement. You can find online space which will be finding out the best used cars fresno for you without any hassles.

Things to consider

used cars fresno

The first and foremost charges you need to incur on your used car are the maintenances bills that you would see at the end of your month. However if you are a nominal traveller then it would not take a big share from your budget. But this couldn’t be achieved by us in an easy show because after getting a car for ourselves it is very difficult to drive it only on Sundays. So it is very compulsory for every used cars fresno owning people to incur the amount spend on the maintenance and technical services that is done to the car. But the initial cost you spend on a new car is much higher than this bill. Just try the online expert siteswhere all your car buying requirements are taken into account.

Less insurance premium

Apart from this charge you need to regularly spend on the renewal of things that is associated to your car. Among them the very important thing you need to concentrate more is the renewal of your insurance. But this process could make you spend both your money and time for a new car. Now a day the world is just moving with the pace of light and the time is also calculated in terms of money. So this process is going to get you a lot of money out of your pocket when buying a new car.  But the insurance premium is very less for a used car and this is going to be very beneficial for the user.

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